Gryphon’s 2012 Campaign

Following discussions with the guys from the 4e campaign I’m in, I’m going to be starting up a World of Darkness campaign.

Exactly where (and when) the characters are will largely depend on which types of characters the players pick.

The idea is to place most Saturday afternoons from 14:00 (except the third Saturday of each month when most of us will be at the local wargames meeting) and if we’re missing a character, they’ll either be busy somewhere else or a trusted player will take charge of them (or a mix of the two).

We’ll be playing with the rules that I have already, so the characters are limited to a choice between:

  • Vampire
  • Mage
  • Werewolf
  • Changeling
  • Hunter
  • Demon

I don’t have all the clanbooks, etc. so I’ll be using mostly just the basic backgrounds.

Better if you don’t get all the sourcebooks, because I tend to customise my game systems a lot and I’d rather the characters found out things for themselves!

Gryphon's 2012 Campaign